Projects – Past and Present

IMG_00061somethingstinks1 Spandex Zebra: 


Where Bellow Wing got her wings as an accordionist and her friend BladeyBug got her start as a sawyer. They’re not exactly proud of this album but it gave them something to do and something to sell while busking.



IMG_0625   969507_583494695015186_1807015945_nSkitnik:

2011 – 2014

With whom Bellow Wing held down the Accordion and saw parts for. Known as the hottest Balkan party band in the North West, “One part sideshow, one part Bulgarian wedding and one part scrappy 1920’s ragtime…” [What’s Up Magazine]. Bellow Wing had all the fun working with Skitnik.



Bellow.Wing.Strangely: 2014 – ?

IMG_6517         1511217_10153927468255478_1389035946218219648_nToured on bike with her friend Strangely down the West Coast playing accordion and trombone and engaging in other crazy antics while giving smiles and laughter to everyone they came into contact with! There may very well be other Bellow.Wing.Strangely bike tours in the future!






2013 – present

Duo project with Bellow Wing’s friend RJ from Skitnik, where they bring forth their own, lovely renditions of the songs they’ve learned together in Skitnik. When these two collaborate, their musical abilities coupled with their adorable stage presence always leaves the crowd wanting more!





Intuitive Compass:

2015- Present

10929137_844873442232884_9041074252689763420_nPlaying trombone and musical saw with Intuitive Compass on the 2015 Spring tour and beyond! Intuitive Compass are purveyors of original Vaudevillian folk music and entertainment featuring resophonic guitar, harmonica, kazoo, bass drum,accordion, cornet, service bells, washtub bass, and aerial arts. These drifting performers play high-energy shows with theatrics and a myriad of musical offerings including Circus-Rag, 11078142_831504603569768_6864484152439319553_nOld-time and some hot Jazz.








Aaron J. Shay – Bellow Wing Banjo

2015 – Present

12096106_565732336558_7344183735263644769_nIMG_1333Two folk-inspired, solo musicians decided to go on tour together before ever really having played together before. The results were fabulous! So great in fact, you can expect many more tours from this duo in the future. Check out one of their favorite collaborations here!


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