400972_352197701476689_1991518836_n5244_10207341148380240_8725908607018536209_nBellow Wing expertly weaves raw emotion with clever poetry that flows perfectly into her signature meticulously calculated melodies. Creating an entire musical experience that might just rip your heart out, but will ever so sweetly, sew it back together.


Bellow Wing maintains a background of classical training and street cred. Balance that with her influences varying from Eastern European folk, 80’s synth pop, EDM and punk.


Ending up with a unique style all her own described as,


“…an unrestrained story of music through a searching heart of adventure.” and “Musician artistry pairing folk with Broadway; and feminism with timeless tenderness.”



Not content to only play accordion, she has professional slide trombone, piano, musical saw and vocal skills under her wings.

Forever a student, Bellow Wing occasionally picks up the washtub base, ham-boning, washboard, penny whistle, xylophone, kazoo, tin-cans and whatever else suits her current needs.

Bellow Wing’s performance will leave you feeling a little more put together, a little less alone and charmed by her endearing awkwardness and exceptional song writing skills.



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